50 years of experience in landscaping. . . Rudolf Ottinger came to Canada from Germany in 1957 and shortly after that, using his training in horticulture, established himself in the West Island as Ottinger Landscaping.

     By the late 1960's he expanded into the nursery business growing plants from seedlings to serve his clients with quality shrubs, evergreens and flowers. In the mid 1970's his son Harald and son-in-law Paul ran the landscaping company while he continued with the nursery business. 

     In the early 1980's Harald was given the option to expand the business further or to continue on his own, enjoying his real passion, natural stone work. It was an easy choice. Since that time, Harald has always approached every job as if it were a blank canvas, hoping to create a picture of paradise that his customers could enjoy for many years. 

     30 years later Harald not only still enjoys his passion, but now two of his sons , Alex and Addison have joined the business,  to continue offering this unique service . . . one step at a time.