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Graffiti removal

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 Paysagiste  Ottinger Landscaping is a fully insured provider of outstanding cleaning and maintenance services for residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial work.

We now offers expertise in the cleaning and removal of graffiti, through the use of Aquablast technology and a variety of products specially adapted for all type of coatings.

Paver Driveway or Patio maintenance and cleaning

We are availible to you to pressure wash the following:

♦ Houses
♦ Buildings
♦ Warehouse in/out
♦ Sidewalks
♦ Patios
♦In-ground pool contour
♦ Roofing 
♦ Car Wash

♦ Polimeric sand changing
♦ Removal of organic, oil or biological stains
♦ Leveling repairs of Pavers
♦ Protective sealant application
♦ Removal of old sealing